In the Court of the Frozen Queen: Refrosted

Created by Antoni "Rughalt" Sobkowicz

Stand against the Ice Queen and save Coldstorm Valley in this epic adventure for the 5th and 3rd editions! In the Court of the Frozen Queen is a full-fledged adventure. Full of mysteries to unravel, monsters to fight, riddles to solve, and magical treasures to be found! Adventure is designed around level 2 to level 4, with an optional prologue that will bring characters from level one to level two and will introduce them to the story. Physical products are shipped only to US/Canada/UK/EU. If you order them from any other country, they will be removed from your orders before charging cards

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Rughalt's Grimoire of Dungeon Adventures
9 days ago – Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 12:03:41 PM

Geezer is at it again, telling me to send an update! (Don't put thatsh on me, it wash your idea! - Geezer)

I wanted to share with you the second Kickstarter campaign we are running (right now!), which we are very proud of. Kickstarter may have notified you already, but with the number of emails, it could have been easy to miss, so let me introduce you to...

Rughalt's Grimoire of Dungeon Adventures! 

Rughalt’s Grimoire of Dungeon Adventuresfeatures 5 fully developed dungeon crawls for multiple levels of play, with new monsters, items, and spells! Each dungeon comes with a small, self-contained quest, a multitude of traps and riddles, and fantastic treasures to find!

Inside Rughalt’s Grimoire of Dungeon Adventures, you will find:

  • Five dungeons with traps, riddles, and incredible treasures, balanced around multiple levels of play
  • Beautiful, hand-drawn maps for each dungeon
  • New monsters to pit against your players, with illustrations and tokens ready to use!
  • Fully illustrated magic items for your party to find!

The grimoire will also be available as a PDF, interactive book (think D&D Beyond-like website!) and in the form of premium modules for Foundry VTT, Roll20, and Shard Tabletop!

Check out the Grimoire here!

Grimoire Preview: Adamantine Vault

To give you a taste of the book, we have prepared a small, free crawl for you to enjoy! The Adamantine Vault is a small dungeon crawl for parties at level 4 or 6, where adventurers can uncover what lost mysteries and machinations lie in wait inside an ancient and forgotten dwarven vault.

About the Adamantine Vault:

  • An underground-themed crawl for 5th and 3rd editions that is easy to drop in into any game!
  • A beautiful, hand-drawn map of the Vault
  • Three new monsters with custom art and tokens!
  • New, illustrated magical item!

Get the Adamantine Vault

You can grab The Adamantine Vault as a PDF booklet (with VTT maps available in an archive), Foundry VTT module, Shard Book, and an interactive book on Dragonshorn Codex!

PDF + VTT Assets: PDF with the delve and VTT ready maps and tokens to use with any VTT! Download the pack here: PDF & Assets

Codex Version: An interactive, hyperlinked book that you can easily use on your laptop or tablet when playing in person! Check the interactive book here: Interactive Book

Foundry Module: Fully fledged, V9 and V10 compatible module that easily imports into any 5e and 3.5e game, with everything ready to be used! Check the module here: Adamantine Vault for Foundry VTT

Shard Tabletop: Shard Tabletop Version comes with full delve text in the form of a Shard Book, and maps, monsters, and items all prepared and ready to be used. Get the book here: Adamantine Vault for Shard Tabletop

A word from us

First and foremost, thanks again for supporting us with the In the Court of The Frozen Queen campaign! The amount of support we received was incredible, and we are hoping you are liking the adventure so far - the previous version as well as the playtest releases!

As for the Grimoire of Dungeon Adventures, we spent the first half of the year (up until August) working on the book, designing the dungeons, working with artists, and preparing for the campaign launch. We are very proud of how it turned out, so we hope you will like it too!

- Ayatee and Rughalt

New playtest version, release for Codex and Foundry, and more!
11 days ago – Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 01:23:23 AM

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The rewards, the playtest and the future
30 days ago – Fri, Oct 28, 2022 at 02:14:33 AM

Phew, these were a crazy few days... but finally, together with Geezer, we are sending access codes so you can claim your rewards. This does not mean everything is done - but I wanted you to be able to claim them and then just download the different things as they are uploaded! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

So, how does it work?

1. You will get an email soon with a code that you can redeem on our store. The code will reduce the price of the correct tier of In the Court of the Frozen Queen Adventure to 0, so you will be able to claim it for free. If you wanted the original version earlier, you should have already gotten the code by now, so check your inbox!

2. If you pledged for Digital Edition, you will get access to the adventure files. Currently, these are: 

  • playtest version of cards from the Refrosted edition
  • soundtrack from the Refrosted edition
  • playtest version of the Refrosted edition of the adventure
  • and original (pre Refrosted) adventure PDF and VTT maps

3. If you wanted a Foundry VTT add-on, you will get a Premium Module key. It currently points to the pre-Refrosted version of the adventure, but that will soon be updated with the Refrosted content (with a special "Playtest" version of the Refrosted version adventure)!

Again, what rewards are currently there?

  • The soundtrack for the Adventure!
  • Magic Item cards (playtest, waiting for final proofread)
  • In the Court of the Frozen Queen: Refrosted Edition adventure (playtest, without final proofread, with not finalized layout and possible with some other minor issues)

What are "playtest" versions?

The playtest versions of adventure or cards may have some spelling and grammar errors, there may be a missing image or two, and the layout is not finalized - but the adventure text is complete, and we wanted to get it in your hands earlier. You can 100% play the adventure when using the playtest version - and we encourage you to do so!

As digital adventures are easier to update, we believe that this way, you can enjoy the content earlier when we prepare for print - and we all know that once we print stuff... there is no changing it. We anticipate keeping the digital content in the "playtest" version for some time, incorporating feedback and tweaking it, so the print version ends up perfect. We will be updating Playtest version several times before the final one is ready, as we take it on a spin ourselves for another round... (and read it multiple times to find all issues) - you will get informed when the new versions are updated.

Once all the edits to the adventure are finalized, the playtest version will be updated to the final version, and I will send you a reminder that you can download it.

As a special thank you, everyone, who helped during the campaign will - if they wish to, of course - end up in our special thanks section in the book.

Huh? I cannot claim my reward for free!

If you cannot claim the rewards for free, it must mean... I send you the wrong code! It's easy to fix, though - contact me either on Discord or using Kickstarter messages so that I can sort things out for you!

Surveys closing soon! + Friends of the Geezer Showcase!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Oct 21, 2022 at 07:22:10 PM

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Another update! + Friends of the Geezer Showcase!
about 1 month ago – Sun, Oct 16, 2022 at 05:28:13 AM

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